Monday, November 8, 2010

Anniversary number four

4 years. 4 years I've been married to the sweetest, most patient, kind-hearted best friend and lover a gal could ever have. (stop your gagging.) "Lover" doesn't have to mean naked. I just mean he loves me! Like, a lot. He makes me feel loved, which is a really difficult thing to do.

Four years doesn't sound like much, but it feels like it's been forever. I mean that in a GOOD way, seriously. I think it's just because I can't remember life before Sean. What did I do with myself!?!? He keeps me grounded and feeling secure. I must have been a mess before he showed up...

Sometimes it seems as thought we're opposites when it comes to executing our daily lives:
He's patient, I'm impatient.
He's a homebody, I'm making plans to go out.
He's non-confrontational and reserved, I go out of my way to state my opinion...loudly.
He's brilliant, and well...let's just say I'm "street smart."
He's into sweets, I'm more of a salty person.
He doesn't worry, I live for worrying (although, that one might be a generic male/female kind of thing)
He's a thinker, I'm a feeler.
He bought me a card, I forgot a card...oops!

Of course, we have our similarities, too...
Same sense of humor for the most part, which means that we like the same TV shows and movies.
Same values and ideas about family, work, home life, etc.
Same love for Jack Daniels and red wine.
We both know how to make fun of ourselves, which keeps us laughing and keeps us out of arguments

For our 4 year celebration we tried a new restaurant (well, new to us) called Cha Chah. We L-O-V-E Arnold Myint's (of Top Chef fame) other Nashville restaurant, Suzie Wongs...and we're sucker for tapas. We had a wonderful experience - food was fun, exciting, and super tasty. The smoked mussels and chili chocolate ice cream were my 2 most favorite dishes of the evening. Yes, chili chocolate ice cream! Believe it or not, it worked very well. Very rich and cocoa-y when it first hit your tongue, with a little kick of chili powder on the back end. The surprise burst of heat kept me coming back for more.

speaking of coming back for more, I really started to miss Suzy Wongs while I was typing this. I'm totally going soon. Who's in?

Cheers to four years, my love! They've been wonderful. And thank you for dusting the baseboards this weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boozefest II

Confession: I'm a complete giddy mess on Halloween! As a kid, I got so excited about Trick or Treating that I couldn't eat my dinner. I still kind of get that way...So, it's only natural that I enjoy hosting Halloween costume parties. Or, better known in our household as Boozefest.

Get it? Boooooozefest.




Sean dawned some blood spatter and went as everyone's favorite serial killer, Dexter, and I was the bride of Frakenstein. I think everyone had a good time. Here's some evidence:

And because one costume isn't always enough, we revived a couple of characters from previous Halloween celebrations and dressed up as a bloody doctor and Rainbow Brite for the kiddies on Sunday night. Check out my pride and joy, the fog machine (or Smokemonster for you LOST fans).