Saturday, October 27, 2012

The big reveal

He is sitting downstairs with his dad as I type. Crying, of course. About what? Who knows...Maybe he's upset because UT is losing to S. Carolina.

I CAN'T BELIEVE WE HAVE A BABY!!!! I stare at him and all I can think is, "Those feet were in my belly. Those little hands were in my belly. That button nose was in my belly." It's so strange to have him here with us after all this time. We are PARENTS. I carried him for 9 months wondering who he was and what he'd be like. Now I get to see him each day, and talk to him, and we look into each others eyes. It's so cool!

He came to us on Friday, September 28th and he'll be 1 month tomorrow. I'll be honest - it's been a long, long month. Very draining, but we're hanging in there. He sure is a cutie.

I published his birth story on the secret blog, and I decided that I also wanted to share it with y'all here. That's right! You get to venture over to the secret baby blog if you wish to do so. Just follow this link and it's all right there waiting for you. All 9 months of my thoughts. Knock yourselves out!