Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy Bees.

Surely you've been wondering what we're up to since I last posted. I'm sorry to say, I don't have any thrilling stories about traveling across the world, or even the country. We DID, however, leave the state. So where have we been? Let me see...

Earlier this month we hosted a small family gathering for Sean's long lost step sisters who traveled down from New Jersey. Quite fun to sit around the fire and catch up with pseudo-siblings.

Speaking of our outdoor space, Sean spotted a good deal on Ikea patio furniture. We thought it would fit nicely under our pergola (and it does!). We took a last minute trip down to Atlanta to visit the Scandinavian superstore, and my goodness...what a day! Five hours, five pallet carts, and lots of money later we finally made it out the doors. We were beat! We got everything we needed and more. And now Sean gets to enjoy building it piece by piece ;)

While in ATL, we shared an amazing meal at the restaurant Canoe in Vinings. The property is gorgeous and sits right on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. Canoe is best known for its game and seafood. Sean tried rabbit for the first time while I had quail - and both were delicious! Perhaps my favorite part of the evening (besides spotting Dr. Sanjay Gupta) was valet-ing our giant white cargo van (a.k.a the rape mobile) at the swanky restaurant. We attracted a large number of stares from the Land Rover and BMW owners. Super. Awkward.

If only we knew how to prepare rabbit at home...We see plenty of the big-eared fellers hopping around in our back yard. I'm certain they are responsible for nibbling my hostas down to nubbins. !@#$ We're also being taunted by a mischievous raccoon, who ate his way into our crawl space and is supposedly camping out under our home. We've tried catching him with 2 different traps and every kind of goody from apples to carrots to cat food.  Darn thing left muddy coon prints on our brand new Ikea furniture!

In other news, I started a 4 week digital photography class at O'More, and I'm really excited to share better pictures with y'all here on the blog. At least that's the plan...Come September I should be ready to take gorgeous photos of our cherub-faced babe. Doc says the heartbeat is strong, everything looks great, and we'll know in less than 1 week if it's a boy or girl. What's your guess?

Looking ahead, we're going to be busy, busy bees. This week is already chock full of activities (Heritage Foundation meetings, trivia, yoga, HOA, photo class), and this weekend brings the annual Main Street Festival. Who's excited about an extra 100,000 visitors in town? Not. Me. But it's really something special, and we always enjoy it. And in case Sean and I don't get our fill of food truck grub during Main Street fest, Franklin is hosting its first Food Truck Fair the following weekend. So many eateries to try!

My sister and I are gearing up for our 2nd annual Sisters Weekend mid-May. This year will carry us to the gateway to the west, St. Louis. And later that month [GASP] is my birthday. [GASP, GASP] Until then, I plan on enjoying these last few weeks in my 20's to the fullest.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Frumpy Dumpy

I'm captivated by the world of fashion bloggers. I love them and hate them at the same time, but mostly I'm left wondering...Who are these women, and where do they find so much time to do all this shopping and styling? Are they really trying to pass as regular every day people? Because I don't buy it. No one in real life looks that cool, or put together, or has so much time. And when do they find time to do their amateur modeling routines in the middle of their street/ally/random brick wall? Before work? After work? During lunch? Do they even work at all!?!? Where did they gain so much confidence? Where are they "thrifting"? Because I'm certain there ain't no vintage couture dresses lying around Nashville. And WHO is indulging them by taking these photos? And how do they make the world's UGLIEST most mis-matched outfits look kinda cool?

I mean, really...

And here I am getting worked up into a tizzy.

Of all the fashion bloggers I stalk/hate/love/loathe, Kendi from Kendi Everyday is my most favorite. I appreciate her style, her sense of humor and her triumphant story of rising from her unfashionable roots to becoming the owner of a clothing boutique. She is truly an ever day kinda gal. Kendi brings me hope...that I may one day be stylish. And most importantly, her outfits are not whacked out like these. Like, I can actually walk around town or go to work in a Kendi-inspired outfit. In fact,  I've attempted to copy a Kendi look on several occasions, and last Wednesday was one of them.

Here's my frumpy dumpy version of Kendi, y'all. It's proof that I can frump the hell out of the most simple looks.

The real deal:

My frumptastic version: