Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm glad I greeted spring when I did. Soon as I welcomed the new season, it was gone in a flash. Spring lasted all of 7 days, and now we're into full-blown summer. And it's only April 3rd!
We REFUSE to turn on the air conditioning before May, so looks like we need to be as creative as possible until then. Here are my home remedies for cooling off and staying dry:

.All fans going
.All windows open
.Least amount of clothing possible during the day.
.B.N.S. or Buck Nekked Sleeping. (one corner of one bed sheet covering one leg is optional.
.Never ending supply of ice cold drinks
.Avoid using appliances that emit heat - no lamps, dryers, or ovens
.And for God's sake, powder your breasts and your crotch. That means you too, boys.

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