Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pictures from New Years Eve 2007

I promised these pictures almost a month ago and they're finally here!
Adrienne, Me and Jolene
(I'm making a weird smile, and that's a 2008 stick-on tattoo you see on my chest.)

You can't do New Year's Eve without having a dance party!

Just mingling...

Richard and Tiffany chillin' and keeping away from the dance party.

Canned wine? Ok! It's bubbly!

Sean enjoys some of Sarah Anne's homemade vanilla mousse - De-freakin-licious!

Gather 'round the table for some grub

I really wish I could remember who Cole was insulting in this shot...

1 comment:

bazookaluca said...

Yes! Pictures!

I almost didn't notice myself in one because I'm contorted on the floor. I almost felt snubbed.