Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet Murphy

Before I post an official Christmas blog, I wanted to introduce the newest member of our family...a new dog! Almost 2 weeks ago, my sister rescued a Boston Terrier from the side of the road. She called me feeling terribly guilty for taking him to the Nashville animal shelter. He had a sweet temperament, he knew a few words like "sit" and "treat" and he seemed to be comfortable in a crate. I told her she did the right thing by saving him and turning him in. Surely someone would come looking for him, right? But her story tugged at my heart strings, and then I started thinking, "...maybe I want that dog..." I always talk myself out of getting a dog because I think they're too much trouble (and they are). But I really love Boston Terriers, and I was glad to hear that he was comfortable in a crate. After thinking about it for approximately .02 seconds, I decided to adopt him! A week after sister dropped him off, still no one had claimed him. It was 2 days before Christmas, so I decided to go ahead with it. I wanted to surprise Sean on Christmas morning, so the dog lived with my sister for a couple of days.

The anticipation of having a new dog was killing me, and my stomach was in knots for days. On Christmas morning before we woke up, sister delivered the surprise to our house. Sean heard something rustling at the door, and he shot out of bed. My sister opened our bedroom door, and here came the puppy wearing a Santa suit and hat. Sean couldn't believe it! Later that day he came up with the name Murphy, which I think is perfect. We wanted something that sounded a little "Irish Catholic" since the breed originates from Boston.

So far Murphy has been a delight. He's about 1 year old so he's got lots of energy, but he's sweet as can be. He tries to obey, and I think we'll be able to train him fairly easily. He hasn't had any accidents in the house (except for marking my bra on the floor). He's just the right size - not too big, and not too small. He's 28 lbs. - we're not sure if he's going to grow any more. So far we think he's pure bred because he doesn't resemble anything but a Boston. He's already showing interest in Frisbee catching, so I can't wait until he's trained a little more and the weather gets warmer. We're going to have so much fun at the park! He loves to suck on his fuzzy pillow, and he's obsessed with licking every part of Sean's face.

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