Monday, May 24, 2010

Turning 28

Turning 28 isn't anything special for me. Just another year closer to 30, but I don't mind. I've always wanted to be older...because I think older means wiser (at least I'm working on the wisdom), and I want people to take me more seriously. Each year that I age earns me another notch in the belt of wisdom, and so I'm always accepting of my new age. So here we are: TWENTY EIGHT. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I wanted to spend the entire day by the pool, and Susan was gracious enough to let me and my friends take over her back yard. The water was cold since it's early in the year, but it was quite refreshing once your body temperature adjusted. We baked in the sun, lounged around and sipped brews, and did a little swimming. Dad and Susan were amazing hosts and served BBQ and her delicious blue cheese cole slaw recipe - yuuuuuummmm.

So what now? What does 28 hold for me? I don't see anything special on the horizon, so I guess only time will tell...At the very least, I expect to be hanging out with these cool people a lot more:

With his Mr. Miyagi-like leadership, Jeff was able to coach Cannon how to "surf" on the pool floats. He was up here for 2 minutes without falling.

Kaylee doing some cheerleader pyramid stands on my back

Susan, Dad and my friend Melissa just chillin'

Me and Crystal under the shade

Thanks for making my birthday so fun!

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