Sunday, July 29, 2012

In time...

Oh dear me! I've let an entire month (plus some) pass without stopping by for a StacePlace post.

Truth be told, I have been blogging...somewhere else...somewhere secret. I started a secret baby blog shortly after I found out about this pregnancy. The news was a shock to my system (both mentally and physically), and I needed a private space to unload some of my emotions. I read somewhere that it takes 9 months to grow a baby, and it also takes 9 months to grow a mother. This is so true for me as it's taken this much time for me to run through all the emotions - fear, gratitude, nervousness, joy and of course, the planning. My life is changing course in the most major way possible...because of my life there will be a new one.

So if you were wondering where I've been, well...that's where. In another blogosphere.

The babe will be here in 2 months, which equals about 2 blog posts these days! ACK! Let the countdown begin. I can almost hear the clock ticking in my ear, and I know there's so much more to do/plan/prepare before he arrives. I just hope I remember to do it all! Regardless of what is or isn't ready, he will come...that's for sure.

Sometimes he wakes me up in the middle of the night with a kick, or flutters around in my belly in the wee hours of a Saturday morning. But I'm quick to give thanks that's he's just in my belly and doesn't need a feeding or a changing. Nope - not much for me to do except try to go back to sleep. Pregnancy is the easy part. I won't call it "fun," but it's definitely easy compared to what lies ahead. To all those women who gripe and complain and say things like "UGH just get this baby out of me already!" - what is wrong with you? Seriously. I'm currently responsible for wiping ONE ass, and I'm quite fine with that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm patiently waiting for this little one to arrive, not trying to rush this at all. Each day that he's tucked away in the womb is one more day of his development, and one more day of serenity for me ;)

Speaking of...all is quiet in our home this evening. Sean is reading a magazine on the patio while I've been paying bills and neglecting to fold laundry. Things are winding down around here after a fun and busy weekend. We were granted a last-minute visit from my sister. Was SO glad she was here because I enjoyed her company, but also because she helped paint the baby's room. We went to the bluegrass festival with Dad and Susan, had a nice dinner with Mom, Sean helped Ed install a new vanity, and we tackled a few chores around our house, too. We enjoyed the farmer's market on Saturday along with some time a a friend's pool this afternoon. We made BLT's for lunch with our homegrown tomatoes, visited a new church, and stopped in for yogurt at Sweet Cece's (Heathbar froyo, yum!)

Sean has been dutifully tuned into the Olympics like he's going to win Patriot of the Year or something. I, on the other hand, do not find enjoyment in watching the sporting events. I was going to say that I don't enjoy competition in general...but I do! Because I love watching singing, designing and cooking competitions on TV. But sports? No, thank you.  My participation in the games is at most a comment regarding the non-existent bosom of the female athletes, or questions such as "Where's Serbia? Does Ireland have a team? Who's winning? How is this game even played? Why does anyone enjoy watching synchronized diving?" It's only day 2 and the theme song is already driving my nuts. I will say that I'm glad Michael Phelps is a total LOSER this year. Gah, go away already!

On that note, I'll take my own advice and go away as well. Not forever, just for now. I'm terribly sleepy and it's my bedtime. Thanks to the customer who requested an 8 a.m, my Monday morning is bound to be fun!

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