Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rainy Day Randomness

I had some crazy dreams last night. Could've been from the red wine and pizza I indulged in...or maybe leftover bits of trauma from the concussion I gave myself earlier in the week.

What's that, you say? How did I get a concussion?

Well, it was really the stupidest accident ever. I went to put some muddy shoes out in the garage and my two feet slipped right out from under me. Arms went flailing, the muddy shoes were flung, and after a big "THUD!" and a "BANG!" I was lying on the garage floor wailing.

I laid there for a good long while, Sean at my side with a pack of ice, and I really thought I messed myself up good. Thought I might have really injured something, cracked my skull or have a subdural hematoma on my brain...but no, I'm actually quite okay. At least I think so.

I know what your next question is, and NO I didn't go to the doctor.

My butt cheek is bruised, my ribs are bruised and I have a goose egg the size of Texas on the back of my head. Hair washing and styling hasn't happened in a few days because of this.

Okay, now I'm paranoid that I may actually have a subdural hematoma and just don't know about it. Maybe I should go to the doctor...

OH! But my dreams. There were many many good ones last night. First, I saw Zac Brown Band getting into a limo, and I went up to them and introduced myself. ZB himself was a little put off that I was delaying their departure. I explained that I live in Nashville, which is completely star studded, but I never speak to celebs because...well, there's just an unwritten rule that you don't bother them. But Zac, I explained, was so amazing that I just couldn't miss this opportunity. And so what did he do? He tracked me down the next day and gave me a call on my cell phone. Mmm hmm, yes ma'am - that's sure what he did because he was so smitten with me. We talked for a long time on the phone.

Then I found myself at a house. A new house that my mother in law purchased. She was going to be living there, but also converting it to a B&B and also running her flower shop out of it. And then Paul the dog died suddenly, and everyone was deeply saddened.

In real life I woke up a few times in the night. Some because of thunder. Once because WT was crying cause he pee-peed his jammies. It was pouring down the rain all morning long. One of those mornings where you could just stay in bed sleeping on and off until noon. But, can't do that anymore. WT was up at 6:30. I thought keeping him up til 7:45 last night would mean maybe sleeping in until 7 a.m. Nope. No such luck. That booger makes sure he's awake before 7 a.m. every. single. day.

We had breakfast and played, then he was ready for a morning nap by quarter to 9. I got myself showered and dressed, and then gathered our things because we had to leave the house. Sean went to Main Street Festival (yes, in the pouring down rain) to work the booth for Next Gen. I told him to wear his water resistant boots. He did not listen. I said his socks and shoes would be soaked. He said no they wouldn't. Well, guess what...I was right. But I digress...

I got out in the rain with WT to go to a baby shower up in Brentwood. I was happy to do it so that I could see some old friends. The shower was lovely. I made other people hold WT while I ate delicious catered food and drank mimosas. The rain has since let up a bit, but I think we're going to settle in for an afternoon nap now.

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