Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Big Orange Anniversary

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. Do tickets to a ballgame count? What about cards? Because we did buy each other a card.

Sherri & Keith were kind enough to hook us up with tickets to the UT Homecoming game, and we spent the weekend with them in Knoxville. It was an awesome way to celebrate 365 days of being happily married! Sherri refused to wear orange to the game (understandably), but the rest of us got decked out and enjoyed the true Tennessee Volunteer experience. We hung out at a few bars on The Strip, watched UT beat the crap out of The Ragin Cajuns, and ended up playing pool in the Old City after the game.

Ziplock + Jack Daniels + Sock = Drink at a college ballgame

After coming home on Sunday, Sean and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and had a candlelight dinner. Nothing says "I love you" like 1.80 lbs of red meat and year-old cake.

I should probably offer an explanation as to why I bought such a ridiculous and over-the-top steak...While we were honeymooning in Florence (Italy, not Alabama), a local lady named Emmanuella took us out for a night on the town. We had dinner at her favorite restaurant, Osteria del Porcellino. She ordered a giant T-bone for the three of us along with lots and LOTS of red wine. It was such a treat for us to be there with her, and we had an excellent time until we had to send her home drunk in a cab. Anyhow, I thought a T-bone for our anniversary dinner would be a throw-back to that special night we shared in Florence.

Year-old cake still tastes delicious!

A picture of the Porcellino - we sat in the left corner by the window

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