Monday, November 12, 2007

Night out with the Navy...sort of

To me, music is an emotion. I don't just hear music...I feel it. I usually don't get all weepy on my blog, so I apologize for the mushiness. But music is an extension of my soul, and having the gift of music is very precious to me. To those of you who don't play an instrument or aren't musically inclined, then you may think I'm crazy. But trust me, it's true.

Friday night, as we sat behind the stage of the Nashville Symphony, my heart was fluttering with excitement. We were so close to the musicians that I felt I was a part of the show. Had I brought my French Horn with me, I would have played right along with them. Oh, the French Horns were amazing, and the first chair player had a lengthy solo that nearly brought me to my feet. Sadly, no one clapped for her solo, but I was quietly going nuts in my chair.

This particular Pops Series show featured the U.S. Navy Men's Glee Club in honor of Veterans Day. The men sang beautifully, and during their a cappella performance of Ave Maria, I think a small tear crept into my right eye. The acoustics at Schermerhorn Symphony Center will blow you away...literally. The show was very entertaining with a mix of patriotic tunes, sea shanties, and a couple of Broadway show tunes. I'm sorry to report that they did not sing "Love Lift Us Up where We Belong," which to me, is the best song ever related to the Navy. MAYO-NAISE!

The rest of our weekend was filled with a whole mess of excitement. Saturday my Nonnie had us over for lunch to eat some of her homemade vegetable soup and cornbread. Y'all, her cornbread is the WORLD'S BEST.

Sunday we finally tackled the kudzu in our back yard. After about an hour of tearing, chopping, cutting, and ripping, the back yard was full of vines and yard waste. Some of the vines were 30 feet long...I'm not kidding. And as usual, we had no plan for disposing of all of it. So what did we do? Well, we drug all of it to the "way back" which is the Blair Witch-esque kind of creepy part of our yard. I'm so afraid that those vines are going to take root and start growing again.

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Amanda said...

Nonnie already told me about the homemade soup and you did not need to remind me about the cornbread! Oh I miss the cornbread!!!!

And your excitement for the french horn is understandable. I'm glad you had such a great time at the symphony.