Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday News

Go ahead, guess what we're doing....Yup -- watching FOOTBALL. UT football to be specific. Will they win this game against LSU? It's hard to say. Right now UT is only up 1 point and it's 12 minutes to go in the 4th.

This morning I visited D1 (a sports training fitness center) for a work out with Nikki. I really enjoy working out with her. She makes us do some pretty difficult exercises, but she has a smile on her face the whole time. Nikki makes working out a good experience...for the most part. It kicks my ass, but that's a good thing. My ass needs kickin'. But I'm pretty sure Nikki tried to kill me today. Thankfully, she didn't succeed! She's not the kind of trainer who's up in your face yelling at you, and I appreciate that. Today we did lots of field drills/running and exercises that made my lungs want to explode. I hate hate hate cardio. As I was leaving the facility, I thought I was going to barf on myself. I was shaking so badly that I almost had to pull over. I don't blame Nikki though -- I don't think I ate enough for breakfast. Bad Idea.

Once I stopped shaking and got out of my sweaty clothes, I met up with Sean at the mall to do a little Christmas shopping. Actually, I planned on doing a LOT of Christmas shopping today , but I only got a couple of things on my list. Sean and I ended up stopping for lunch (a slice of pizza) at Minneo's. I've mentioned this place before in another post, and I can't say enough good things about it. Mmmm MMmmmm.

Uh oh, Sean...LSU is in the lead 21-14. Looks like your Vols are in trouble!

Anyway, we also stopped at Target and picked out our Christmas cards for this year, so y'all be checking your mail 'cause we'll be sending them out in about a week!

Later in the afternoon I went by my Nonnie's house to pick up some jewelry, and she gave me a big bucket of her homemade chili. Ok, so it wasn't exactly a bucket -- it was a big Tupperware bowl. Sean and I will be servin' some up for dinner, and I can't wait to try it!

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Dad said...

Sorry about those Vols getting beat! I don't think LSU is really the #2 football team in the nation, but that is the way it worked out. I'm with you on the cardio. I do 15 minutes prior to working out with my trainer and then he adds another 10 or so during the workout. The "marathon cardio" about kills me. You have to do 3 minutes on the bike as fast as you can go, jump on the eliptical and do 3 minutes as fast as you can go and then on the treadmill for the same. It is brutal. I about pass out! Paul works in some boxing and kick boxing which I enjoy. I watch that UFC stuff and I almost kicked him through the wall once with a knee kick! Musta' had that 300+ lbs. behind the kick.

Your Ray recipe looked great. I agree, I find it annoying to watch her but you can't knock the end result. I'm still a Bobby Flay fan! Love you bunches! Dad