Sunday, June 29, 2008

Simple Pleasures

This morning as I staggered through the kitchen with dry contacts and smeared makeup, I noticed it was a gray, gloomy morning. This means no pool day for me. But despite all the clouds, I was greeted with some beautiful blooms from my hibiscus, and this made me smile.

Another exciting development in the Carroll household is the rapid growth of my tomato seeds. I think the seedlings are finally ready to be moved up to a big boy pot. Hopefully these guys will be crankin' out delicious, juicy tomatos in a month or two. I'll keep you posted.

And finally, since Sean and I fancy ourselves to be wedding connoisseurs, we were pleased to attend the Reagan/Strickland wedding last night. They did not disappoint. It was a beautiful ceremony at the Carnton Plantation in Franklin with a Southern dinner reception. Glammed up chicken tenders, fried green tomatos and the most delicious mac and cheese I've had in a long time. The colors were brown, cream and robbin's egg blue; very simple, yet elegant decor with a hint of classy, country charm.

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