Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall things

There's nothing better than great girlfriends. Sherri, Crystal and I went back to our old college stompin' grounds last night for some fun. Crystal's old buddy Dugger opened a bar down in Murfreesboro...called Dugger's. We stayed out past midnight. I know! That's a really big deal for me these days.

I busted out a sweater for the first time this season. It was freezing cold when I left for work Friday morning. Ok, so it was only 57...but I swear, my body must have been in shock. I couldn't stop shaking.

Friday night was amazing weather, though, so we skipped the debate (GASP!) and enjoyed a bottle of wine outside in front of our fire pit. I love nights with Sean in front of the fire pit. I hope we're always able to make great conversation until we're old and wrinkly and drooling on ourselves. Our night by the fire was much more enjoyable than the political jabber. I prefer to catch those highlights the following morning.

Saturday was dedicated to mulching our flower beds and FOOTBALL. Good wives make good food for game day. Homemade soft pretzels.

Sean kicked butt in the yard this weekend digging a new flower bed, planting mums, mulching and edging. I helped out as best I could, but spent more of my time indoors doing things like laundry, cooking, and taking naps.

Please enjoy the following pictrues of wildlife from the Carroll's yard:

Giant Deadly Spider.
Don't know what kind exactly, but pretty sure he could've killed us.
Mr. Grasshopper. Also giant, but not deadly.
The biggest and most beautiful grasshopper I've ever seen.

We've always considered our backyard squirrels to be like pets. This guy took it to a whole new level by showing up wearing a collar.

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