Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what a day...

Tuesday. A harmless day, right? No more 'case of the Mondays,' but not yet burnt out from a week full of work.

Surprisingly, this unsuspecting Tuesday has been quite entertaining for me. My day started with an invitation to join a local college's advisory board. I know, right??? That never happens! Well, at least it doesn't seem to happen to people like me. And in case you're wondering...no, I don't have any qualifications. But, someone out there believed in me enough to reccomend me to the president of the school. I'll hear from him in the next couple of days. I'm quite nervous about it, but also very excited about this opportunity.

Then, while I was talking to Sherri at work (probably gabbing about the advisory board thing) my high heel broke right off my shoe! I tossed the spare high heel on to her desk, and we both shared a good laugh. I spent the rest of the day awkwardly limping around the office.

And for those of you who know me well, this next item won't really come as a suprise -- I spilled food on my brand new shirt. I picked up some new fall clothes from Kohl's a couple of weeks ago, and decided to wear one of the shirts today. I got lots of compliments on it, but then I trashed it by spilling some healthy-GwenythPaltrow-Cleanse dressing crap all over it. I sure hope the oil stains come out!

After lunch, about 1:30, a helicoptor started circling our office building. Come to find out, the Franklin and Nashville Metro police were searching for a bank robber. Yes, a robbery in Franklin in the middle of the day! Gasp.

Speaking of robbery, I am positive that Sean and I spotted a would-be car theif on Sunday afternoon. We were walking back to our car after church, which was parked in the Franklin parking garage on 4th ave (across from Puckett's grocery). Some punk with AWFUL acne (seriously, it was the worst case of pizza face I have ever seen in my life...) was suspiciously walking through the garage. He was alone, and I couldn't help but stare at him #1. Because of the acne, and #2. He's too young to drive, so why is he walking through the parking garage, and #3. He kept his right hand stuffed in his right pocket the entire time. It just wasn't a natural walking stride. I've spotted people stealing stuff from the mall before simply because they were walking awkwardly. Anyway, back to the car theif...I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking "Well, maybe he's meeting his mom in the parking garage???" But no, that was not the case. I should always trust my instincts - and my instincts were telling me that this kid was up to NO GOOD. He disappeared behind a black BMW...but then someone spotted him, so he quickly came out from behind the car and waved at them. It was really bizarre. Clearly, the BMW didn't belong to him. Like I said, he wasn't old enough to drive. After he was spotted, Pizza Face sped up his pace and quickly walked out of the parking garge. His plan to steal stuff out of fancy Franklin cars was ruined by the hundreds of church goers picking up their vehicles in the garage. Next time he sets up a job, I'm sure he'll check the local church schedules first.

So...where was I? Oh yes, weird things that happened today. I think I shared everything with you. Of course, the day isn't over just yet. I still have a softball game at 8:00, and another one at 9. I'm hoping that the games are rained out. I've had a mild headache all day (probably because the rain is moving in), and I just don't feel like playing. I never really feel like playing, but I especially don't feel like playing tonight. A 9:00 game? That shouldn't be legal. It's way too late for old people like me.

Also, I owe you an update on the diet. I haven't fallen off the wagon yet. Still no sugar, fat or dairy. I lost 5 lbs in 5 days. Keep in mind, I started with my "vacation" weight. I think that my body would've naturally dropped 1 or 2 lbs after vacation. But still, I feel really proud that I found the will power to eat so clean (even for a short amount of time). I was scared that depriving my body of so much food and junk would make me feel weak. Yes, I've noticed a difference in the way I feel (mostly hungry), but I was still able to do a decent workout last night. I haven't had any fainting spells due to a lack of eating. I call it a success.

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