Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sherri's Top 30

Since Thursday was Sherri's 30th birthday, I thought I should give her a little shout out. After all, she is one of the greatest friends of all time. I've known her for 6 years, but it seems like we've been buds since forever. I'm bummed that I forgot to take pictures at her happy-hour birthday party, but I'm sure you can visualize the pink silly string that was stuck in her long brown hair!

Thirty Things About Sherri:
1. She has a great laugh
2. Her handwriting is really small
3. She can never remember how old her younger brother is
4. She's allergic to foods that resemble private parts (melons, nuts, and cucumbers)
5. She likes chocolate cake
6. She appreciates good linens
7. She has pretty hair, which she meticulously styles every morning
8. She doesn't like to call people on the phone
9. She has a giant umbrella. No really, it's the biggest one I've ever seen. People call it a tent.
10. She likes Neal Diamond
11. She does not like concerts
12. She has the TV guide memorized
13. She is missing her gallbladder
14. One time she licked my face
15. One day she decided to quit smoking
16. She also stopped biting her finger nails
17. And she lost 50 lbs.
18. She was born in Wyoming
19. She loves the beach
20. Her dog is Mobie
21. Her 2 best friends are named Jennifer
22. We share the same middle name
23. She is a good listener
24. She loves white cheese dip
25. She's very tidy
26. She's a great storyteller
27. She is loyal
28. She hates Vincent
29. She went to a David Hasslehoff concert
30. She's addicted to peppermints

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