Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's NOT New Joisey

The week or so prior to Thanksgiving, folks around the office were asking me, "Soooo...what are your plans for the holiday?" (as if they actually cared.) My response was, "We're going to visit Sean's family in New Jersey." And I'm not kidding you - every single person expressed sadness and pity saying something like, "Oh you poor thing - it's going to be so cold! Is it snowing there yet? Oh, that's awful...New Jersey?...that's like the armpit of America, right?"
No, friends, it's not snowing there yet. I realize that my fellow Southerners believe every state above Kentucky is the Great White North (and they're kinda right about that). But you may be surprised to learn that their weather is very similar to ours here in Middle TN. New Jersey trades out the tornadoes for quite a bit more snow in the winter, but that's about it. The day after Thanksgiving I was jogging outside in a t-shirt.

Secondly, it's NOT "New Joisey." I know you enjoy dusting off your 1920's mobster accent, but not all residents of NJ are from Hoboken.  Yes, the folks in and around NYC (in North Jersey) carry the "Joisey" accent, but not the rest of the state. South Jersians have more of a Philadelphian/Delaware valley accent. Mind you, it's still a funny accent, but it's just not "Joisey."

And finally, what makes NJ the armpit of America? When did The Garden State get such a bad wrap? I'll be honest...the state of NJ wasn't on my radar until I met Sean's family, but I certainly didn't think it's residents carried the plague. I'm here to tell you, dear readers, that New Jersey is not all that gross. I can only speak for South Jersey (I hear North Jersey is a completely different place...)  South Jersey is spread out and rural for the most part. There are lots and LOTS of pine trees. We drive along winding highways, passing lots of land, trees and beautiful old homes. The shore is full of quaint Victorian-era coastal towns that remind me of Downtown Franklin.

I feel rather sorry for residents of NJ, having to bear their scarlett letter known as Snookie and all things Jersey Shore. Sure, the Snookies are around if you know where to look (and SO fun to watch), but there aren't enough Guidettes ruin the entire state.
Once Sean and I hit the lottery, we're going to buy a vacation home in Stone Harbor. Or maybe even the Utz house in Avalon. It's rather cute, don't you think? All 14,000 square feet of it...

And in case you're wondering what it looks like in NJ during Thanksgiving - it's just like the rest of the country. Turkey carcus, full plates, and dad falling asleep at the dining room table...

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