Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alive and well

I'm alive and well and feeling pretty good considering I had my body cut open less than a week ago. Thank you to everyone for the prayers, well wishes, flowers, gifts and FOOD! My word, I got so much food...

Reason #492 why living in the South is the best: Everyone feeds you when you're sick. I've eaten my weight in chicken casserole this week. And listen, I could definitely get used to this not making dinner thing.

I've had so many people come by to visit and take care of me. It's such an amazing feeling...I don't feel deserving, and I can't say thank you enough.

I'm moving around with more ease each day, and the pain isn't as bad as I had expected. The incision is still very tender, and for the most part it's just a constant, low-lying cramp that I feel. Laughing hurts like a a real big bitch. Sean and I got tickled over something we said last night before bed and I ended up in tears! The most challenging part has been recovering from anesthesia. It kept me sick for days, and even this morning I was still feeling the effects. Each day gets a little better, though. I'm hoping to head back to work sooner than I expected, an I'm really anxious to get back in the gym. I have a follow up visit with my doctor tomorrow so we'll see what she says.

My doc was excellent through the whole procedure, and she was so excited about the giant cyst she removed from my abdomen. She said it was the largest dermoid cyst she had ever seen, and during the surgery she called another doctor into the room to look at it with her. I was glad that I could give her the pleasure...and quite jealous that I didn't get to see it myself. Here's some more information on what a dermoid cyst is.

And if you're really brave, check out some pictures of the removal of a dermoid cyst. You'll have to scroll down a bit and click the link titled "series showing the surgical removal..." Once there, click "forward" to see the next picture in the series. Keep in mind that this not me!! And the reason the woman has hairy pits and nipples is because she's European. Based on the picture of her stomach, I don't think my cyst was quite this big but it sure was close.

P.S. My cyst totally had hair. I'm so proud....

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