Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little bit at a time...

Recovery has been going well. I actually lost 15 pounds within the first week after the surgery. I honestly believe that my body thought I was pregnant and the rapid weight loss was equivalent to losing “baby weight.” I don’t know exactly what baby weight is…maybe fluids and stuff. Anyway, I know the weight loss was not because I was starving myself. I definitely maintained my big girl appetite and threw all healthy eating rules out the window. I’ve been eating like a COW! Because I can’t exercise for 2 more weeks, I need to buckle down on my eating again.

I started back to work this week which has been nice. I’m glad to get back to a normal routine. The doctor suggested that I work half days for the next couple of weeks, but I’m just playing it by ear. I did decide to work a half day on Monday and Tuesday, but because I got lots of good rest yesterday I’m sticking it out for the full 8 hours today. Hopefully I won’t be exhausted tomorrow. All is well so far. In fact, I found out today that I’ll be getting a promotion to a new position. I’m thrilled to be moving up in my company and excited about the opportunities it will afford me.

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