Saturday, October 11, 2008


As a young child, one of my favorite breakfast meals was Eggs in a Basket. Mom would let us help out in the kitchen, allowing us to punch out the buttery bread circles and letting us eat those first. It was a little morsel before the meal, and the circles were the perfect size for our tiny fingers.

I made Eggs in a Basket for Sean for the first time last year. Imagine my surprise when he told me he had never heard of them before. I thought everyone knew about Eggs in a Basket!!! So, since that's apparently not the case, I wanted to share this childhood favorite with you.

First, melt some butter in a bowl. Brush the butter on both sides of your bread slices. Use a small cookie cutter to make a hole in the center of each slice.

Get your skillet nice and hot, and spray it with some non-stick spray for safe measure. Place your slices on the skillet, and then crack an egg in to the holes. Let that cook for a little while until the egg is firm enough to flip.

Coat your spatula with some more non-stick spray and then flip each slice. You have to be ninja-quick when flipping the "baskets" so your egg doesn't splatter all over the place (see egg spillage below). Cook a little longer until the yolk has reached desired doneness. I like my yolks extra runny, so this doesn't take long at all.

MMMmmmmm Mmmmmm - Enjoy!

When you're finished with your Eggs in a Basket, you can go outside and enjoy a beautiful Fall day. And if you're extra lucky, maybe you'll find that a giant branch will have fallen from the big dead tree in your yard and lodged itself into the earth.

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