Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flash Back to Destin

Two months late...but here are the pictures from my Labor Day weekend in Destin.

First night out at The Village in San Destin - Free Drinks = Happy Girls

By this point, the free drinks forced me to lick a blow-up goat. The goat came with a group of Bachelors.

Our Bachelor Party Buddies
The Groom (in red) was from Nashville

Just the girls - Jennifer, me, Sherri

At the beach...

Our Beer Castle

Our view of the Gulf
(a.k.a. the chairs and umbrellas we didn't rent but wish we had!)

Jordano's - a little family-owned restaurant next to San Destin resort.
Lord only knows why Jen wanted pizza while we were at the beach, but I'm glad we went along with her wild craving! It was the most amazing pizza in the world. We ate so much that I think I had a food hangover the next day. Seriously.

At The Boat House, makin' Jen try Oysters on the Half Shell

Sherri & Ken

Stacey & Jen

The Gang: Our Bachelor Buddies and other random people we met from Nashville


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