Saturday, August 15, 2009

Confessions of a Suburbanite DINK

Sometimes I fantasize about apartment dwelling…
...the energy of the city right at your front door, being cool by association, public transportation, no lawn to manicure, owning swanky West Elm furniture, coffee shops and bars within walking distance, nightlife…shopping…it all seems so glamorous!

But there’s no point in trying to be something I’m not, right? No, this girl is not, and never will be, a city dweller. While I have a true appreciation for the city and it’s people, there’s no denying that the suburbs are where I was born to be.

Every Sunday I drive my mid-sized, American-made sedan to the grocery store, and I fill my big trunk with over $150 worth of non-organic groceries. One of our more favorite weekend pleasures is to grill a big, fatty steak and enjoy a night out on the patio. Our property backs up to a wooded area, and as you may know, we get frequent visits from wildlife. It’s virtually private if you consider the fact that one of our neighbors is always out of town and the others are hermits. I could probably walk outside in the nude if I was ever inclined to do so.

Sean and I lived in the city for three years. And while Nashville isn’t all that big, it still counts. I think I heard gun shots at least once, and I probably saw prostitutes and drug deals happening on a daily basis (although, I wouldn’t have known it…) Hearing trains, sirens, and loud barking dogs throughout the night became part of our life. But now that we’re in the suburbs, I remember how much I love the quiet. Not just the quiet, but the total silence. The first few nights we spent at the new house were so quiet that it made us laugh out loud!

The city not only comes with special sounds, it also comes with special the trashy people that used to live 2 doors down from us. I can't even begin to explain how absolutely disgusting their property was. Every time I looked out my window, I started singing the theme to Sanford and Son. I dreamed of codes and rules and an HOA...and now I have one! Maybe one day they'll even make me the HOA president.

I mean, Franklin isn't perfect. We do actually have 1 homeless person and a few sketchy neighborhoods. But as long as you turn your head, they don't exist.

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