Sunday, August 30, 2009

7 Little Happys about Fall and Winter

Only one more day left in August. Does anyone out there understand how terribly ANXIOUS I am over the arrival of fall and winter? I am a nervous wreck...frankly, I'm acting like a total crazy person about it. I'm obsessed with being sad about the end of summer.

So, in order to deal with my anxiety or hatred or whateveritis that I don't like about cold weather, I've been trying to FOCUS on things that I DO enjoy about the next coming months:

1. Backyard fires with Sean; getting bundled up in sweaters, sipping wine, and talking until way past our bedtime.
2. Making chili. I think my recipe is pretty unique and delicious. I enjoy trying to perfect it...and I think Sean enjoys it, too. I also enjoy trying stews and other recipes in the crock pot.
3. HALLOWEEN - I spent half the morning daydreaming about ways to decorate the house for Trick-or-Treters. My #1 Goal at Halloween is to scare the crap out of little kids. Seeing a terrified look on their face equals total success. I need to start planning a costume!
4. As much as I hate to admit it...College Football. Over the past 2 years, I've learned a little more about the teams, the players, and the game itself. I think I actually know what a "safety" is, and I even have a little crush on Tim Tebow. And so, I'm attempting to give College Football a full embrace this fall.
5. Harvest decorations. As soon as we get home from the beach after Labor Day, I'm pulling the fall decorations out of the attic. Pumpkins, acorns, fall leaves...I really love all the rich, golden colors of fall.
6. ...which leads me to...the trees in Tennessee - breathtaking!
7. Knitting. I'm looking forward to visiting Bliss Yarns again - it's been almost a year. The patrons there are so talented, and I love the women who work at the shop. Seeing all the bright colored yarns and watching them whip up beautiful patterns always inspires me. Now if I could just finish a project.....

Ok, that's all I could come up with for now. This was a very good exercise for me. Next time I start feeling blue about packing up my flip flops, I'll try to remember these "7 Little Happys about Fall and Winter."

P.S. For those of you who don't know me all to well, there's a reason that Thanksgiving and Chrismas were not included in this list...I don't like them.

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seaman736 said...

Hey Stace- sorry to hear you don't like the fact that it is going to get cold!! Me neither. So glad we have heat in the pool!! Remember, you can always come to the east coast-Sebastian is only 1 1/2 hrs from Orlando or West Palm. Our digs are cheap and always available!! Aunt Mimi