Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sean made an excellent point this morning: Rolling the clocks back should ALWAYS happen on a weekday. Who cares about sleeping an extra hour on the weekend? NO ONE. We didn't have a chance to truly appreciate that extra hour of sleep. The experience would've been much sweeter if the extra hour fell on a Monday morning. Anyway, it doesn't matter - my internal clock is still all out of whack.
This past week was busy and long, but it ended with a bang! I traveled to Springfield, MO to visit a customer on Tues/Wed. Four flights + a business meeting caused for a bit of mid-week anxiety. And because of my bereavement day and the business trip, things have been piling up on me at the office. I don't much like it. No one has complained and nothing has fallen through the cracks. Yet, I still feel like I'm doing a bad job because I haven't been 100% focused.
Still life is good. Here are some highlights from this week:
- The stupid Titans finally won their first game of the season.
- Sean is the proud owner of an iPhone! (he hasn't put it down...) He's been asking for an iPhone since it hit the shelves, so I encouraged him to go for it. I was happy for him and also quite relieved. If he didn't buy it for his birthday, it was bound to be a Christmas present...and I can't tell you how much I hate shopping for technology. ICK! I was dreading the day that I had to walk into the AT&T store. So, a big THANK YOU goes out to those who contributed to the birthday funds.
- I've been reading "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, and I really enjoy it. It's a quick and easy read, but it's full of wonderful relationship advice. I think every couple should read it! And in case you were wondering how to speak my love language, I think I'm an "Acts of Service" person.
- Let's not forget the biggest highlight of all - HALLOWEEN! We hosted a little gathering at our house, and enjoyed seeing all of our best friends decked out in costume. We didn't have as many trick-or-treaters as I expected, but the ones that we had were very polite! First, everyone said "trick-or-treat" so I was thrilled. You don't get candy at my house if you don't say the magic words. And almost everyone said "Thank you!" It was a major upgrade compared to those heathens in the city. Also, no one came dressed as a slut or a "student with a knife." (Yes, that was an actual costume one year.) Sean and I missed a lot of the kids because we were busy putting on makeup, but thankfully my sister was there to pass out the candy. She was a huge help! She reported that one kid was too scared of our house, so he passed us up. I was so proud...I think a tear came to my eye. Wait until next year, scaredy pants...It's only going to get better!!! Mwahahaha! But I digress...the party was lots of fun. I love costumes and I love our friends. And I even love my friends that didn't come in costume. Everyone gets a free pass...just don't let it happen again!
I wish I had more pictures to share because there were lots of fun costumes. With scissors for hands I was a bit handicapped. Even though we didn't have a dance-off, I hope everyone had a great time.
Sean wanted the house to look like a massacre, so I let him bloody up the front door. Don't worry, it washed off easily. I thought our yard decorations were killer (pun intended).

Our "mature" friends decided to capture their youth by dressing as hippies. Aren't they cute?

Sean was a magnificent Zombie Billy Mays. The costume is even better when you can hear his Billy Mays voice. It's spot on!

Sisters - Pink and Edward Scissorhands.

Me and my girls - Sherri as "Peyton from One Tree Hill going as the Angel of Death." It's a costume within a costume, and it makes my brain hurt. But she's hot! And Crystal as Scary Dead Doll. Doesn't she give you the creeps? Other popular guesses for Crystal's costume were Wendy's girl, Raggedy Anne, and a pirate. Wrong, wrong, and more wrong.

I truly loved Bobby's Bob Ross costume.

Our Boys: Keith as Mario, Sean as Zombie Billy Mays, and Bobby as Bob Ross

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Trina said...

I saw on Kandee's blog that you mentioned doing her Edward Scissorhands look. It turned out GREAT!

I did her Barbie look (to the best of my ability and with the makeup I already had), you can see that here

Cheers! :D