Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleep, Sheets and Zooming

I am sooooo sleeeeepy this week. I guess I should clarify by saying that I'm more sleepy than usual. I'm naturally a tired person, always requiring more hours of sleep than the average bear. I love going to bed early AND sleeping in late. Yes, both of them...preferably in the same sleeping block. Getting 10 hours of sleep each night sounds like heaven to me. I usually get 7.5-8 hours of sleep, but it rarely feels like enough. By the time I take my last bite of dinner I'm ready to CRASH on my pillow. Tonight I'm trying to make it until 9:00 before I retire to the bed. For some reason I fear that if I go to bed before 9:00 it makes me weird or crazy or sick. I don't know...Of course, there are some nights that I give into my body and say, "YES let's hit the sack now. I don't care that it's only 7:45!!!" Most nights I force myself to stay awake so that I can: talk to my husband, clean dishes, watch a TV show, pay bills. You know, all that fun stuff that you're supposed to do while you're awake.

I probably shouldn't share this with you (Sean is going to die of embarrassment), but I think it's kinda funny. Several weeks ago Murphy was *zooming and he ripped our sheet. The fitted sheet. The one that you lay on. The bed was unmade (so what - you're not going to say that you make your bed everyday, are you? I sure hope not...) and Murphy zoomed onto the bed. His claw ripped the sheet. At first it was an innocent rip, maybe just an inch or two. Of course, we were frustrated by the fact that we have to buy new sheets, but we realize it wasn't Murphy's fault. We allow him to zoom and we also allow him on the bed, so he wasn't breaking any rules. It was just an unfortunate accident. The rip was so small at first that I actually considered mending it by hand. You know, with needle and thread or a patch or some tape or something...but of course, I kept putting it off. Each night as I tossed and turned, the rip would get bigger and bigger. Now the rip in our sheet is practically the entire length of our mattress. My entire side of the bed is basically 100% exposed mattress pad (which is just as soft as the sheet, by the way). The sheet has been ripped for so long that I'm completely desensitized to it now. I used to be shocked every night - "Damn - I forget about the ripped sheet!!! We need to go buy a new one. We'll do it this weekend...." I PROMISE that I'm going THIS weekend. We have a BB&B coupon and everything. I'm totally going...I MUST go...I'm starting to feel trashy by sleeping on a ripped sheet and exposed mattress pad every night (and being ok with it).

*zooming - To fully understand, you must visualize our upstairs floor plan. At one end of the house you have our bedroom. At the other end is the bonus room. There's a long hallway that connects the 2 rooms. Occasionally, Murphy will get a random burst of energy and decides to run the entire length of the upstairs. All of a sudden he just starts speed running from the outer wall of the bedroom to the outer wall of the bonus room as fast as he possibly can. He'll do about 4 or 5 laps before he finally stops. It's hilarious to watch, mostly because he goes SO FAST! One day I just yelled "Zooooooooom" as he was doing it, and it kinda stuck. Sometimes zooming involves a leap onto the bed before he heads back the other way. We don't know how to predict this behavior.

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