Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catching up...

I apologize for the long delay between posts. I know you've been DYING to know what's going on in our lives (haha, yeah right.) The past month or so has included:

-a romantic Valentine's day, complete with chocolate treats from Merveilleux Confections (tah. die. for.)

-dinners with each of our parental units

-Murphy had a doggy play date with his Aunt Casey and Uncle Shiloh

-a yummy frozen yogurt treat from Sweet Cece's

-showing the rental house a talking to potential tenants

-going with Sherri to try on her wedding dress

-spending the day with my Stepdad Jimmy for his birthday

-washed cars

-cleared the garage so that BOTH CARS fit, woo hoo!

And most recently - last weekend, actually - we attended a fundraising event called "3 Blind Wines" at The Factory (a.k.a. our wedding reception site). 3 Blind Wines is presented by Franklin's Next Generation Heritage Foundation, and proceeds from the event go towards saving the historic Franklin Theatre. Since Sean's store prints all of the marketing materials for the event, we've been invited to attend for the past 3 years. This year was definitely the biggest and the best so far. We had a great time drinking tasting wine with several other couples, including friends from work.

Unmarked bottles like the one seen below were scattered all about the reception hall. Hundreds upon hundreds of bottles. They were everywhere! The point of the evening is to vote on the best bottle of wine. The team with the most votes gets about 300 bottles to take home. How long would 300 bottles of wine last in your house?
(the wine marked #404 was my favorite)

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Wedding 101 said...

LOVE Wonderffuls! And Three Blind Wines is a fantastic fundraiser to support for the Heritage Foundation.