Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Seventeen Magazine Project

Why wasn't I this awesome when I was a senior in high school? Check out The Seventeen Magazine Project. This project blog was so interesting to me that I just read evey single entry in one sitting. I swear, 10 years ago I didn't even know half of the words this girl uses in her blog. Pennsylvania schools must be better than Tennessee's. Either that, or I'm just retarted. (probably the later...) At that age, I didn't know how to think critically about the world around me. I mean, I guess I did to some extent, but I surely wouldn't have been able to crank out blog posts complete with charts, graphs, and open-ended surveys. The sad thing is...I went to college and became a Sociology major where I STILL didn't do anything like that.

All of a sidden I feel very disappointed in myself...for not being a better student, for not doing something with my education, for not applying myself. I don't reckon there's anything I can do about it now, so no sense in beating myself up over it. Besides, I'm officially on vacation for the next 9 days! 'Tis a time to celebrate.

I'm celebrating today by not getting out of my jammies. I'm supposed to be cleaning house, but I got sucked into that blog and haven't been doing much else. I should probably make myself useful around the house today. We've got a lot of cleaning and packing to do before we leave for Florida tomorrow! Adios, amigos - I'll be enjoying the beautiful sun, sand, and tar balls of the Redneck Riviera for the next 7 days.

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