Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good. Better. Best.

For this post, I was initially going to use the theme "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." It seemed catchy. And I enjoy categorizing things. I thought it also might be used as a weekly recurring post...but then I decided it sounded too negative. I changed it to "Good. Better. Best." Let's see how this shakes out...


Much like the changing of the seasons, my house is in transition mode right now...and I'm really trying hard to maintain a nonchalant attitude about it. Everything is still...under...control...No worries! Transitioning to my Spring wardrobe means the winter clothes are in piles across my bedroom floor, waiting patiently to be vacuumed into giant plastic bags. A can of vibrant teal paint is sitting in the hallways waiting to be lathered on my half bath walls. A bolt of bright floral fabric is leaning in the corner of the breakfast nook waiting to be cut, sewn and hung as curtains. A closet full of garage sale items needs to be sorted, priced and sold. A full list of to-dos and to-buys is scratched in my pretty red planner, but none have yet to be executed. But it's all GOOD...


The weekend. The weekend will be better. Better weather. Better fun. The weekend is when I plan on getting somewhat caught up on my list of to-dos. I'm excited to complete some spring cleaning projects: washing couch cushions, pillow, curtains and mattresses. The weather on Saturday is forecasted as 65 and sunny, and Emily will be in town for the arrival of her best friend's baby (and hopefully we can steal some of her time).


Wow, this is tough. What deserves the title of "Best thing going on in my life at this moment?" I guess it could be a lot of things depending on which approach you take...Hmmmm...maybe the fact that I'm ALIVE? That's pretty darn "best" if you ask me! But seriously...I would describe "best" as something that can't be improved because it's perfect the way it is. And the award goes to...drum roll please...Nothing.

I've been marinating on this idea of "best" for almost an entire day. The idea seemed light-hearted and innocent when I started typing this entry, but now the thought of "best" has become completely overwhelming to me. The following is an email exchange between Emily and me. What a thoughtful and encouraging friend/sister-in-law I have! Her words on the subject of "best" are something that everyone should consider:


From: Stace

Sent:Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To: Emily

Subject: the best

I need your help with brainstorming. I started typing a blog entry called "Good. Better. Best." I completed my "good" and my "better" but I can't for the life of me come up with a "best." I would describe the "best" as something that's the MOST exciting or MOST complete, perfect thing in my life. But sadly, I don't feel 100% content with, ever. I mean, a big part of who I am is constantly searching for improvement. SOooo...should I abandoned the "best" category, or do you have any suggestions? You're good at getting me thinking...

From: Emily

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To: Stace

Subject: RE: the best

I would encourage you to think about things in a new way. Your phrasing, "But sadly, I don't feel 100% content with anything..." starts you off in a negative place. Is that really a negative thing? Do we find contentment in stagnancy? I would say that stagnancy is when we have the most room for growth...the most opportunities to expand and renew.

Your propensity to seek improvement is an investment in your life.

Do you want to go to work mindlessly every day and never question what could be? Isn't it wonderful that the opportunities are endless? Isn't it great that you get to carve out a new path every day? Nothing is set in stone. Things can always be changed and rearranged and tweaked. Isn't that the best? That, even with a schedule, you can make changes to it.

Also, I would challenge you to look to the things that make you feel secure and safe. While those things may be ever changing, they might be the best.

What do you not question? What do you know in your gut?

It is okay that you might not have an answer for that. It is okay if you do.

Think about how great it is that even if you don't have an answer...there is this space just waiting for something to move in. It is like a closet you never knew you had...just waiting to store treasures. No clutter...treasures.


And so, to finally share my "best" with you...since I've created a ridiculously large amount of's my quest for flexibility (which includes adding color to my life!) and desire to grow, learn and change. THAT is the BEST. And do you know what's the BEST-EST?? The fact that I have a wonderful support system of family and friends who accept me for who I am and encourage me to think positively.


emily said...

You are on my list of best-est things, too!

Sherieda said...

Wow, what a great response from Emily. She really DOES make you think. It's so nice that y'all have a great relationsihp.