Saturday, April 16, 2011

Les News

Last Saturday was full of outdoor activities and warm weather; today we're hanging out inside and doing chores. It's rainy and only 55 degrees (brr!) I'm fighting the urge to turn the heat on...

Work is going well for the both of us, and Sean is still flying once a week. It's time for him to start working on cross-country solo flights (which are destinations 50 miles away or more). In the next week or so, Sean and his instructor will be heading to Memphis to eat at Rendezvous (yum!) and see a Redbirds game. And at some point this summer (if I find the nerve) I'm planning to fly with him to Birmingham to eat at Saw's and visit the museum of flight. If it's one thing that will lure me into a small airplane, it's damn good BBQ.

This coming week holds some very exciting things for us. First, I'm meeting my "little sister" for the first time. Now, before your start thinking this is some secret love child that one of my parents kept hidden from me, let me explain: I volunteered to be a "Big Sister" for Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentorship program. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful "big sister" mentors enter my life when I was a pre-teen, so I'm excited about the opportunity to pay it forward. I was accepted into the program last week and matched almost immediately with a 10 year old girl who lives very close by. Monday I'll meet with my "little" and her mom, along with our Match Support Specialist. And assuming they like me, we'll begin weekly visits over the next year. I'm crazy-excited about all the fun activities that we'll get to share. Obviously, I'll keep her identity anonymous, but I do plan on sharing updates with you guys. Right now I'm a little nervous about the first meeting. Everyone keeps saying "Just be yourself!" Ha. It's just that, this is a very important first impression so I want to make sure it goes well. Wish me luck!

Tuesday is another exciting event...LADY GAGA. That's right, Sean and I will be seeing Gaga live and in concert. I'm preparing to have my mind blown by the most outlandish production of all time. You may be wondering how in the world I convinced my husband to see Lady Gaga. And let me tell you, it didn't take much work. He fessed up to being a full-blown pop-music fan several years ago. He also agreed to let me purchase Gaga tickets after he vetoed my request for a foreign exchange student. (Thankfully, he didn't ask how much they cost until AFTER I bought them...)

So there you have it - the latest news from the suburbs.

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