Wednesday, July 6, 2011 seen in South Jersey...

I should've shared these with y'all a long time ago!
Pictures from our trip to South Jersey (NOT to be confused at all with North Jersey).
This is Sean's hometown. Where the roots are. Where there's lots of love, lots of charm, and the occasional greenhead. *more on greenheads later

Sean spent some Q.T. with his father. In between all the man-to-man talks and trips to Home Depot, they played with dad's new toy...

...a full refurbished 1956 Dodge Power Wagon. Ain't she purdy?

And in between all the fence building, there was also little of this...

One of the best things about being on the shore? Fresh crabs! This place was amazing. Just a little shed located on the dock in one of the inlets. They steamed us a bucket full of fresh crabs with loads of seasoning. I may or may not have licked the top of my crab shells clean before cracking them open....

MMMmmmmmm MMMMMMMmmm...
Dear Colonel Sanders,
Now THIS is what we call finger lickin' good.

Emily was able to coordinate a visit home, too, so we could all be together.
Sharing some sisterly love at The Lobster House

The parents treated us to a big feast.
When visiting The Lobster House, you must remember to deploy the patented Tom Carroll method of "super speedy seating and eating." To purchase an instructional guide, please e-mail:

Our view of the shore, Whale Beach.
Somewhere between Strathmere and Sea Isle City, I think.

It's known for being less crowded.
Yes, you've got privacy from crowds of Shoobies and shore goers, but you pay the price in greenheads.
Greenheads are giant flies with green heads. They'll bite you and drawn blood. We call them horse flies in the south. These suckers are giant, mean, blood-sucking machines.
note: the item in the photo above is NOT a greenhead. It's a seagull. But they're almost the same size.

When you visit Whale Beach, you have to park here:

It's a research station, better known as "the paint chips."
I think they're kinda cool.

No trip home would be complete without a visit to the boardwalk...and some Mack & Manco's pizza...and hot Johnson's caramel popcorn...and Kohr Bros. ice cream...
Yes, we ate them the same less than 2 hours...Don't judge!

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Tom said...

Stace, It's a 1956. The guide site has been overwhelmed. Greenhead flies eat your little ole southern horse flies as a snack! Glad you guys had a good time!! Next visit, be sure to bring Murphy-Dog. Dad and Ann