Thursday, July 21, 2011

Practically Perfect

'Maters are growin' in the back yard. Must be summer for sure.

After a couple of 100-degree days, we were pleasantly surprised by last Sunday's weather. I stepped outside with Murphy around 7:30 a.m. and realized it was going to be a GORGEOUS day. Sure, it was probably 85, but that's considered freezing during the month of July.

We sipped coffee and enjoyed a light breakfast on the patio while reading papers and magazines. Sean declared it was a bit too warm for his liking, but I was basking in the sun. We ended up taking a drive out to the "country." It's actually just 15 minutes away, but Leipers Fork is a small (very small), rural-ish community that's sure to remind you of a simpler time. Green rolling hills, fences and farmland, away from all the McMansions and over-crowded developments...

This is what greets you as you enter Leipers Fork:
Don't ask why. Because I have NO idea. It's not like either of those shows were filmed here or based on this community. I guess it's just some "bling" for their street?

Murphy joined us on the Sunday drive and LOVED catching new smells as his head hung out the window.

We rode back into town for a late lunch at Puckett's. BLT's on the patio, and Murphy managed to find a few leftover cornbread crumbs on the sidewalk to snack on.
Now it's Saturday. A full week has passed, and we were greeted by another beautiful weekend day. Score! "The Boys" (as I like to call them) and I went to the P-A-R-K, and then headed over to the farmer's market for a stroll. Okay, who am I kidding!? We weren't strolling - we were on a mission. We went for one thing only, and it wasn't fresh produce. We were there for DONUTS. A good friend tipped us off to the best donuts that ever existed (thanks, John!), and he was not lying. They were amazing. If I try really hard I can still taste them.
Freshly fried donut, fresh air, a nice breeze, and sense of community...perfect.
And I'm already planning another round of BLT's for lunch today.

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