Monday, October 10, 2011

New Things

Today I'd like to share a few new things going on in our wild and crazy suburban lives. HA! Who am i kidding? our lives are plain jane and often mundane. I guess that's why I find these new things so absolutely exciting.

The first is an item I've been eying at Yarrow Acres - one of my favorite shops on Main Street - for quite some time. My sweet mother-in-law Ann gave me a gift certificate for Christmas...last year. Okay, so it took me 10 months to go shopping, so what!?! I was thrilled to purchase this adorable birdcage. We're using it to display a pretty fern and an African Violet in the corner of our den (sorry the lighting is so dim).

Next in the "new" category are some extra awesome HALLOWEEN decorations. Woot woot! I love love love Halloween. In years past I've gone a bit overboard when shopping for new ghoulish decor, but this year I've been pretty strict on myself. I think spending less than $100.00 on new decorations is strict, don't you??? I'm so enamored with this new arrangement in our dining room that I sort of want to leave it up all year...

Okay, you caught me...Murphy isn't new by any means, but I still wanted to post an update. He's been living with doggy lymphoma for a little over 2 months, and his health is degrading a little bit each day. We're keeping him as comfortable as we can and spoiling him rotten in the meantime. Sampling bits of delicious people food has become a regular occurrence, and he LOVES it.

I saved the best New Thing for last...the PERGOLA. Sean, Trevor and Jeff busted their behinds this weekend to make this happen. Isn't it pergolicious? Sean will be doing more pergolating this coming weekend to finish the job. I'm ecstatic about our new outdoor living space!!! And unlike this guy, these posts aren't going anywhere.

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Tom said...

Stace, I really like the bird cage! You have such a flair when it comes to novel decorating ideas. Keep them men-folk working on the pergola, it looks awesome so far! So sorry about Murphy Dog, I know what a big part of both your lives he was. Even though Ann and I only met him that once, we could see why you guys loved him. He is missed up here in Jersey also. Dad