Thursday, September 29, 2011


When we saw Downtown Franklin completely blocked off by police cars last night, Sean and I  suspected widespread criminal activity. Had we owned a 12 year old girl, we would've known it was an actual case of Bieber Fever spreading throughout town.

Bieber filmed a Christmas video on Main Street causing 10 million screaming tweens (and 3 adult homosexual males) to flood the DTF in layers of scarves and skinny jeans. Video evidence of the plague can be seen here:

Legend has it, high pitched squeals from the crazed fans were heard for miles around. Decibel levels reached 165-170, the same as a space shuttle launch.

News of last night's Bieber invasion came to me via text message from my "Little."

Hey watz up u can c dat im not @ skool cuz i went 2 c justin bieber last night n i stay intil 1 this mornin
im bout 2 sent u some pics n some video it was alsome
it waz nice like a every christmas present so dat waz gud

At least she knows how to spell Justin Bieber's name correctly...

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