Monday, September 26, 2011

Picture Pages!

I present to you, dear readers, a showcase of some recent snapshots.

Here I am with ONE THIRD of my basil plant. That's right - there are 2 more outrageously large branches still hanging out in the garden. This bunch here made 4 jars of yummy pesto. I almost forgot to mention my pesto is vegan gluten free organic pesto, retailing at Whole Foods for just $99.99 per jar.

Sean's cup overfloweth with excitement about the start of football season. Specifically college football. We invited John & Bethany to watch the 2nd UT game of the season at our place (Sean and John's Alma Mater), and Sean got in touch with his Martha Stewart side. He iced these cookies on his own. Aren't they sweet?
Sean's allegiance to The Volunteers has been shaken up a bit by his new employer (a much more prestigious university with less tacky colors). We spent a recent Saturday afternoon cheering for the Black & Gold, and cheering for new jobs.

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