Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flying into Fall

The series premier of Pan Am just aired its first 5 minutes, and of course, we are tuned in. Would you expect any less from Mr. Sean P. the Pilot? I don't know if I'll be able to get past the cheesy dialogue, and I'm not sure the rest of America's viewers will be able to either...

Speaking of flying, though...Sean is eager to return to the cockpit. I expect he'll be back in the air in a matter of weeks, continuing towards his instrument rating.

Back on the ground, we just returned from our annual visit to St. Louis to see our friends The Jensens. It couldn't have been a more beautiful weekend weatherwise. We welcomed the first days of fall relaxing with good friends, which is exactly what I needed to help combat The End of Summer Blues. Sarah planned a special TV Themed costume party to coincide with our visit. I just so happen to love parties AND costumes. It was so much fun, and I especially enjoyed meeting the rest of their St. Louis friends.

Thurston and Lovey Howell

Marge Simpson and Jimmy Neutron

and Dr. Who

I'm already looking forward to our next encounter with these crazy kids. See you in the Spring!!!

It's back to work tomorrow, and back to our normal routine. Only, this Monday will be a Fall Monday instead of a Summer Monday, and I'm not so thrilled about that. As part of my battle against the End of Summer Blues, I have plans to treat myself to some retail therapy. I'm also working on plans for the halloween party. My copy of this year's Martha Halloween has already been skimmed and tagged! I really want our guests to enjoy it, which means I need to keep the fun coming, and add new and exciting elements each year. But no pressure, right?

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