Monday, May 7, 2012

Franklin's Main Street Festival 2012

According to moi - an expert in all things fantastic - this year's Main Street Festival was the biggest and best yet. An estimated 150,000 people come out to browse the arts & crafts and sample the street food (more on the food later, 'cause you know that's what  we're all about!)
Just to give you an idea of the volume...Overnight, the town more than DOUBLES in size. Instead of the population being spread across its 30 sq miles, everyone congregates on Main Street which is about 300 yards at best. It's shoulder to shoulder crafty chaos for 2 days.

Franklin's preservation society, The Heritage Foundation, has done an amazing job of promoting our city over the past 30 years. People from far and wide travel to get a taste of our little Main Street. It truly is the place to see and be seen.

Um, hello Hollywood! Ryan and Juliann blend in with the crowd while they do some shopping. (photo courtesy of Sean's friend W. Dunavant.) Apparently Eli Manning and fam were also in attendance, but no one cared enough to take his picture.

I think Sean summed it up perfectly when he said, "I wish Main Street smelled like kettle corn all the time." And why shouldn't it? There's your next project, Heritage Foundation! Sadly, we didn't eat any kettle corn this year. I'd like to blame Puckett's DEEP FRIED OREOS. Wow, what an experience. I didn't realize the heat from the fry oil would melt the cookie into a soft, brownie-like dark chocolate center.

JJ's food truck was by far the best street food of the weekend. Listen, I love oysters, and I've been dreaming about these oysters on a stick since we left the festival. JJ took 3 giant oysters, put them on a stick, wrapped them in BACON, then battered and deep fried the suckers. The oysters were served with a fresh and spicy cocktail sauce and topped with chopped scallions. And you guessed it - I don't have any pictures because my hands were busy shoveling fried food into my face.

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