Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Simple Meatloaf

Nothing says "meatloaf" like Mama's homemade...except for maybe THIS. I stumbled across this recipe a few years back, and it's one of my favorites - Real Simple's Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Meatloaf.

Before you go all "Ewww, Turkey Meatloaf!" on me, hear me out: More than breadcrumbs, one of the main fillers in this loaf is parmesan cheese. I heart cheese, and I'm also a big fan of roasted red peppers.

When our friends Chris and Kassia moved into their new home, I really wanted to bring them a dinner (because moving SUCKS and it messes up your schedule.) This was the first recipe that came to mind. It's comfort food with a twist, and it also freezes really well. I made a loaf for the new home owners, and doubled the batch so I could freeze a loaf for Sean and me. Score! You should totally give it a try.

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