Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can't see my face

Can't see my face? I can't see yours either. That's because I deleted my Facebook account (GASP!) The good news for you, readers, is that you'll be seeing an increase in blog posts. Which actually means a LOT more of my ramblings, so now that I think about it, maybe you ain't so lucky after all...

What prompted me to delete my account? I'm not really sure. The idea just came to me during a casual conversation with friends on New Years Eve, and I decided to go with it. After all, it was the first day of a brand new year, and I felt like challenging myself. And YES, it's a challenge. At least once a day (sometimes twice, or even three times) I find myself wondering what's going on with all my Facebook friends. Who's where? With whom? Someone say something witty? Post pictures of their new babies? The truth is, 99% of the Facebook feed isn't important, and therefore, I don't REALLY need to know what's going on with everyone. I figure this will force me to reach out to people directly and focus more on the REAL relationships in my life (rather than the virtual ones). Sadly, because I was able to read all about my friends' lives via Facebook, I didn't always reach out to them to say, "Hey there, what's new with ya?" Because I already knew. So while we were up to date on virtually every aspect of each others lives, no one was actually interacting directly.

The voyeuristic side of me is a bit bored these days. Browsing my friends' news was definitely a good time killer while I ate lunch at my desk (or while I was supposed to be getting ready for work...or while I was supposed to be getting ready for bed). I wasted waaaay too much time stalking acquaintances, old crushes from high school, people we met at social gatherings, etc. My hope is that I'll actually contact my REAL LIFE friends directly and that I'll actually have something to TALK ABOUT since I don't have the luxury of reading hourly updates.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all again!!!
Now off to a nice Mexican dinner with my mom and stepdad...Adios.

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