Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project Pink Chair

Let me begin by saying that I'm not one of those super-chef/super-photographer/super-decorator/super-organized blogging ladies like Ree Drummond. Oh, of course I would LOVE to be...but I'm not. Still, my humble ways haven't stopped me from wanting to share this with you. This is my attempt to blog about home decor.

I have a NEW PROJECT: Project Pink Chair. She's sturdy with clean lines, and I really enjoy the curvature of the arms. Oh, and she was only $9.99!

Poor Sean...I dragged him to Goodwill last Saturday sharing my excitement about "my awesome find." He looked at me...he looked at the chair...he touched the chair...and then he said "ok, we can get it." I know he doesn't see my vision, but I do appreciate his faith in me (and my non-existent chair covering abilities.)

This is pretty much the look I'm going for:

I think it's clean, classic, and studious. My master plan for our bonus room/office/media room is English Library. Don't know if you can see the houndstooth detail in this photo, but I am IN. LOVE. with houndstooth. The chair above is listed on for $329.99. Obviously, my plan is to recover the pink chair for a fraction of the cost and come away with the same effect.

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