Tuesday, January 18, 2011

H2Oh No!

Warning: This may just be the worst possible blog entry of all time, but I'm in a hurry. Forgive.

So...I'm sitting here at the computer paying bills, and updating my monthly BUDGET SPREADSHEET (I know, aren't you jealous?) and I realize that last year's January water bill is $10 less. So I pull out my Q1 Utilities stubs from 2010 and start comparing the bills...and that's when I realize that we have a spike in December both years in a row. Sure, there's a spike in July and August because we're trying to prevent every shred of green from turning to a crisp. But December? December is 1,000 gallons more in both years.

The first thought that comes to mind is the live Christmas tree. But are you kidding me!? We can't possibly be putting 1,000 gallons into the Christmas tree. And let me also share a personal winter secret - I shave my legs WAAAY less frequently, so I know for a fact that we're conserving bath water. I also feel that I wash less clothing in the winter months because we're usually layered up and I don't wash sweaters.

So what is it? Am I missing something obvious? My other guesses include:
- Cooking holiday treats and, therefore, washing more dishes
- Eating bigger meals which leads to more pooping?

And there you have it - the worst blog post of all time.

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