Monday, April 27, 2009

burn, baby, burn

It's Monday night again, but I'm almost too tired to post! This past weekend wore us out. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the Franklin Main Street Festival...where I got this awesome sunburn.

The booths were great this year - I saw several artists that I really liked. We actually bought a photograph to hang in our dining room, and we also picked up some early Christmas presents. I felt good about supporting local artists since I don't do it very, ever. We spent Saturday with our new couple friends John & Bethany, grabbed some beers at McCreary's pub and ate some awesome street fair food. Mmmm mmmmmm....polish sausages w/ peppers and onions, frozen lemonade, kettle corn, and BBQ nachos from Germantown Commisary. I gained 2.5 lbs and downed handfuls of Tums Smoothies like they were candy. Saturday night we hung out with my mom and Jimmy and their friends before heading back downtown to see the WannaBeatles. We couldn't stay for the whole show because I was falling asleep.

Sunday I picked up my brother and took him to the carnival. Thankfully, he ran into a classmate and they quickly became "ride buddies." Due to extreme motion sickness, I don't do carnival rides AT ALL. Sometimes I get motion sick just doing simple exercises like sit-ups. So, standing in the shade watching 10 year olds on The Superman was fine by me.

Speaking of family, Sister came to live with me and Sean! She graduates from Belmont in a few weeks, and she's boarding with us until she finds a Big Fabulous Job. (haha) I'm happy to have her around, and looking forward to some extra help. We have plenty for her to do!

Even though it's busy times around here, I'm still going to try to make time for some summer reads. Thanks to the Today show, here's what I'm looking at:
A Reliable Wife
The Help
Handle w/ Care
Thanks for the Memories
Darling Jim
Happens evey Day

Let me know if you've read any of these. This week I'm aiming for the library!

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