Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Easter

I hopped on the web tonight (no pun intended) to give you an Easter update. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted all the pictures from Sunday's festivities. Oops. Here are a few things you should know about our Easter celebration:

1. Sean wore a green bow tie. It was awesome.
2. I made a coconut cream pie.
3. The weather was beautiful.
4. We have a pretty tree in our front yard with little pink flowers.
5. We got to see Jenger's new baby, Jack. He was really cute. I didn't touch him.
6. A bunny was hopping around our back yard all day.

Yesteray was also a big day on the homefront. I finally tackled the giant mess in the bathroom, and our personal care items have been put away neatly into the cabinets. What a relief!

Today we had a bake sale at work to raise money for the National MS Society. So far, the jalapeno cheddar cornbread I made has been a big hit. I was worried it would be too spicy for everyone, but it got a good response. I'm glad my 4 hours in front of the oven last night paid off! Sherri made some awesome cheese-scallion scones, and as of 4:00 we had rasied about $50 thanks to our generous co-workers. Hopefully we'll sell the rest of our baked goods tomorrow, bringing us even closer to our $1000 goal. The walk is this coming Saturday, and I hope the weather holds out. We've been having terrible storms here in the area, with tornados for the past couple of weeks.

Tonight we had monthly Supper Club at Kimbro's Cafe. Dad and a couple of his friends played bluegrass for the crowd. We had a good time, but I'm absolutely stuffed. The dessert was ta-die-for! It was good to see everyone...even though it was the same crowd from Saturday at The Bunganut Pig. Friendly faces are always good company - that's why I love living in Franklin now!

Words from Sean: I wore a bow tie for the first time, and I liked it. I'm getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt at work tomorrow. #102 Eggs - fabulous prizes. I'm looking forward to our trips this summer. Atlanta, Chicago, and the other place. Also, I saw the fox running through our back yard. I finally got the garage computer up and running, so that makes me a real man.

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