Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Dreams

If you've known me for more than 3 days, then you've probably appeared in one of my crazy dreams. (No, not those kinds of dreams...get your head out of the gutter.) Ever since I can remember I've had the most vivid and bizarre dreams, and I remember most of them! I recall dreams as if they were actual events. I even remember dreams that I had when I was 7 years old (like being with my Papa during a flood where there were alligators and snakes all around us). Last Monday night I had one of the strangest dreams of ALL TIME. And like I do with most weird dreams, I shared it with a few people. Of course, those people immediately said I was dropping acid because the dream is totally nuts. These dreams aren't like "Hey, my tooth is loose so I must be worried about money." No, I can't even begin to put any rhyme or reason to them, but if any of you readers want to take a stab at the hidden meaning behind this one then please do. I'd love to hear what you think. Here it goes:

Monday night I had a dream that resembled some sort of Adventureland complete with randomly funny pop-culture characters. I was walking through a pimped-out tree house with Captain Hook, and he was showing me around his home. It was like a grown up tree house – it had a kitchen and a bonus room with a pool table. He was, like, the real Captain Hook but more of a normal guy, and he wasn’t scary. All of a sudden, another man appeared at Hook’s tree house. It was either Captain Morgan or Panama Jack…or some sort of beach-y character like that. I learned that this Captain Morgan character’s real name was something like “Iggy” or “Spizzy” (I can’t quite recall), and he was wearing a vintage-like t-shirt and a cowboy hat. Turns out, Iggy was CAPTAIN HOOK’S EX-BOYFRIEND. I know, I know…hilarious, right?
They had been lovers at one point, and Iggy/Captain Morgan had come back to Hook’s place and it really upset Hook. I could tell they had a bad breakup. Hook started telling me “Oh, all he ever wanted to do was drink rum and write poetry.” . Somehow I ended up leaving Hook’s gay tree house and was wandering some ambiguous streets. I was on a long voyage, but I didn’t know exactly where I was going. I was walking, walking, walking…and I didn’t seem to have a map or any sense of direction. I wasn’t in the wilderness…I was around houses and towns, but I just didn’t know where I was headed. Then I ended up in a white-out blizzard. I couldn’t see ANYTHING. I could barely make out the shapes of houses and cars, but they were all covered with snow and it was very difficult to see what was just a few feet in front of me. But it was ok…because I had SANTA’S REINDEER WITH ME!!! Hahahaha! They were walking behind me, and I felt safe knowing they were there. I realized that I really needed to ditch the other reindeer and just ride on Rudolph’s back since he’s the one with the light-up nose…but then I looked at Rudolph and he was really small and frail. I could see his ribs and spine. Anorexic Rudolph? I was worried that Rudy wouldn’t be able to carry me on his back, and so the reindeer and i continued walking through the blizzard. We came to a very steep part in the road where it was difficult to walk uphill, and on either side of us were tall rock walls. The road kept getting narrower, and the walls were closing in on us….that’s the last I remember of that scene.

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