Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who am I?

I came across this little article on Career Chemistry: The Best Jobs for Six Personality Types. I'm having a really difficult time figuring out which personality type suites me best, so I thought my friends and family might be able to tell me. Won't you, please? Weigh in on Facebook or comment on this blog and tell me who you think I am. I see a little bit of myself in each of these categories, but I can't decide which description is the clear front runner. Is there one? Surely I'm not equally balanced among these 6 options. Me? Balanced? HA! I'm a Gemeni. Even from birth I was born to contradict myself.

Realistic, hands-on people tend to be practical and straightforward. They like to work with concrete objects. (I'm practical and straightforward, but I don't know about the hands-on part. Seems a little too technical for me. Maybe instead of straightforward I'm just insensitive?). Careers compatible with this personality type: electrician, orthodontist, surgical technologist, biomedical engineer.

Investigative people are analytical, intellectual, and scientific. Typically, they like to gather a lot of information before making decisions. (Um, no...definitely not me. I make most of my decisions based on feelings and gut reactions.) And they question ideas that aren't backed up by rational data. Compatible careers: professor, software developer, physician's assistant, veterinarian, librarian. (I'm not very intellectual or scientific at all.)

Artistic people are creative and imaginative, as you might expect. But they can also be strong problem solvers, since they bring an intuitive mindset that complements the more rational approach others might offer. (Everyone loves to say that I'm artistic, but I prefer the term crafty instead. I believe that true artists find ways to express their emotions through their craft...and I simply copy other people's work. I've never created anything on my own. I find it difficult to think outside the box because I'm such a black-and-white rule follower. Need lists and boundaries and all that good stuff. Definitely not artistic.) Compatible careers: landscape architect, graphic designer, director or producer, interior designer, editor. (All of those jobs sound really intriguing, but it would never work out. I can't even decide where to hang a picture in my own house.)

Social people often end up in "helping" professions where attributes like patience, empathy and generosity make a difference. They're often strong team players good at achieving consensus. Compatible careers: school physiologist, mediator, nurse, physical therapist, social worker. (This category definitely speaks to me, and it's one I'd desire to be in. Unfortunately, I think I'm too rough around the edges. I need to do some growing before classifying myself here, but I hope that one day people will call me patient and empathetic. Definitely a social person, though. No doubt about that. And I really do want to help people. I just need to learn how to really help them rather than bossing them around.)

Enterprising people are competitive, energetic extroverts. (Extrovert, yes. Competitive and energetic? No. I take way too many naps.) They often end up as entrepreneurs or group leaders, and prefer to delegate the pieces of a project while focusing on the bigger picture. (Sure, who doesn't like to delegate? I usually end up as some sort of leader in a group setting, but I think this category might involve too much risk and politics for me.) Compatible careers: executive, financial manager, sales rep, sales manager. ( current job might be classified as sales rep. Maybe that's why I'm struggling.)

Conventional people, also described as orderly, are somewhat misnamed. They're not necessarily bland, thought they do tend to be reserved (ha! I'm totally not reserved), careful and efficient. These folks are who handle all the details that keep the trains running on time. (I do really enjoy paying attention to details...when I'm in the right mood. Other times I'm a big picture person. Either way, I consider myself to be extremely organized and efficient.) Compatible careers: accountant, actuary, financial planner, technical writer, building inspector.

So who do you think I am?

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