Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm very, squealing, giddy excited. In just 2 weeks we'll be receiving our very first CSA crop share from Avalon Acres (based in Hohenwald, TN). If you haven't heard of a CSA before it stands for "community supported agriculture." A few friends of mine have participated in CSA's , and I've always been interested in trying it. I came across an online article about CSA's and it provided links to our local farms. I thought, "Why not?" I'd love to grow a garden of my own - and maybe I will one day - but in the meantime, I figured I'd just buy locally grown and organic produce. (I don't have enough yard or enough time to have a garden.) Surprisingly, I don't care so much about the organic part as I do about the local part. Check out some great benefits to buying from a local CSA farm:

-Keep your dollars in Tennessee by buying locally. Support the local farmer more directly. When you buy food from the conventional grocery stores .9 cents of every dollar goes in the farmers pocket. When you buy from our CSA 60-75% of every dollar goes in the farmers pocket. Your support DIRECTLY impacts small farming and the local economy.

-Assures more food dollars go to farmers and not truckers. Get rid of all the middle men who end up lowering the farmers income.

-Knowing where your food comes from (who, how, where).

-Eating healthier. Free-range meats contain CLAs and are the only way to get Omega 3s other than through fish. Produce that is picked fresh retains more of its nutrients.

-Enjoying a much broader variety of foods than you find in a store. You'll certainly try vegetables that you've never had before (or perhaps had as a child and never tried again).

-Knowing that animals have been treated with dignity. Supporting hormone-free, preservative free and chemical free meats.

-Preserving heritage breeds and seeds.

-Preventing antibiotic-resistant strains of disease.

-Saving petroleum and other resources.

-Enjoying what your state has to offer in food choices!

I'm looking forward to eating *super* fresh vegetables and trying new recipes. Avalon Acres' website provides lots of creative ways to prepare the food they'll be sending. In addition to 1/2 a bushel of vegetables, we'll also be receiving a dozen fresh eggs and one portion of meat. Mmmmm, bacon! The first delivery is scheduled for Sunday, May 2, so stay tuned for some cooking blogs.

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