Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last one for April

April whizzed by my face quicker than a fastball from < insert a pitcher's name here >. Just 5 days left and we'll be in May?!? No, it just can't be...I'm not ready. April feels like it's been really busy, and I'm not sure I'm ready to move on yet. I wanted to do so much this month (like garden and paint the bedroom), but I guess my to-do list will have to continue dragging on into the summer.

Before we begin the final countdown to May, I thought I'd share some highlights from this past week:

- the weather has been gorgeous (except for threats of tornadoes on Saturday)

- work was nice, not too crazy. My team even snuck out to get Italian ice one afternoon. score.

- GREAT yoga class on Tuesday. Oooommmmm

- Sean and I had a successful shopping trip to Kohl's and loaded up on new summer clothes

- I counted 21 blue shirts on Sean's side of the closet while I was doing laundry today (that includes stripes and checks.) Does anyone else think this is a problem?

- My brother has been staying with us all weekend (he's 11). We played lots of Super Nintendo, watched Twilight and ate way too much junk food. Because of this, I didn't clean house as much. I feel like a slacker.

- Miss Irene (one of my Mimi's friends) had our family over on Saturday. She wanted us to visit with her since she misses my Mimi so much. Her acreage in Shelbyville was beautiful and she served a delicious lunch. I ate too much and was suffering from a food coma for the 2nd half of the visit. I thought I was going to fall asleep on her couch which would've been really embarrassing.

- and finally, we hit up the Franklin Main Street Festival today (along with 35,000 other people) It was NUTS, but we enjoyed eating street food, bumping into good friends and shopping on such a beautiful day.

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