Saturday, March 17, 2012

Old Fashioned Saturday

I picked up my "Little" this morning for our first Saturday visit in a LONG time. We've been meeting on Tuesday nights due to her family's schedule. It's fine, but it limits our ability to get outside, go to festivals and pretty much enjoy anything. Tuesday visits are usually dinner and homework, so I was excited about this Saturday.

The weather was gorgeous this morning and I knew exactly where I wanted to go - the Franklin Farmers Market. The market is open year round, but we tend to stay away during the winter months. (even though it's technically still winter as I type this...and 80 degrees...) Oh, it was PERFECT. I came away with ground lamb for Shepherd's pie, new potatoes, kale...and of course, ELLIE'S OLD FASHIONED DOUGHNUTS!!! AHHHHH!!! These doughnuts are the best Best BEST. Fresh from the fryer, warm, light and's pure bliss. Never mind that I already had scrambled eggs, homemade biscuits and pork tenderloin for breakfast. I was getting a doughnut come hell or high water.

My little and I savored our sugary treat while we walked through the market and enjoyed tunes from a little bluegrass band. 

Meanwhile, Sean was busy logging some volunteer time at the Heritage Foundation office. Tonight is the annual St. Patrick's Day Brewefest on Main Street, and Sean was able to score a free ticket by answering phones at their office this morning.

Despite some scattered thunderstorms, the rest of the weekend should still be really enjoyable. The festival tonight is rain or shine, and we're excited about hanging out with all our friends and family. Trevor, Meghan and Emily will be there, along with the rest of our "gang." Somewhere in between all the fun I plan on making the Shepherd's Pie, baking fresh bread, finishing laundry and updating our closets with seasonal clothes. Hello, Springtime!

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