Friday, March 9, 2012

She's in love with the boy.

Wednesday evening I returned home from a 3 day business trip to Michigan. (I've heard folks talk about Michigan being beautiful...haven't been lucky enough to see those parts.) The 3 day trip felt more like 5, and boy, was I glad to be back in Nashville. There's no place like home, right?

When you land in Nashville and your feet reach the end of the jet bridge, you'll hear live music streaming throughout the airport terminal. For me it's like being greeted with a big hug.

Wednesday evening the weather was perfect - 70 degrees and sunny. Rush hour traffic was almost non-existent. I was driving down the interstate with my window rolled down listening to country music on the radio. I love my home! Trisha Yearwood's first single "She's in love with the boy" started playing.

"What an ancient song!" I thought to myself as I sang along with the lyrics. And then I remembered...this is the demo tape that Trisha played for my Girl Scout Troop circa 1989!!! How funny is that? I was about 7 years old, and this no-name woman came to sit with us and play a song we'd never heard before. Our troop met in the Berry's Chapel multi-purpose gymnasium, and we sat at cafeteria style lunch tables while Trisha busted out her TAPE PLAYER. We listened to the demo, and that was the end of that. I didn't give two flips about it. Sure, it was super sweet of her to come visit us...but at the time none of us grasped the concept of "Music Row" or "demo tapes" or trying to "make it" in country music. I'm sure some of the girls politely asked her questions about becoming a country music artist.

I smiled as I finished listening to the song on the radio. I'm thankful for my fun memory of meeting Trisha Yearwood at Girl Scouts. That is soooo Nashville.

Occasionally when out-of-towners learn I'm from Nashville they'll say, "I guess you see famous people all over the place!"  The truth is..."famous" people are everywhere, but I don't know them when I see them. Most of us don't recognize them because they're record execs, producers, songwriters, musicians...but they are here. You can feel it in the air. Passion. Excitement. The buzz of a star sighting or a new up and coming artist. It's quite fun.

I've only bumped into a few of the "real" stars in my lifetime - Trisha, Wynona, Naomi, Vince, Kix, Jack White and Ben Folds. Sean's star sighting takes the cake - he almost hit Miley Cyrus with his car while she was crossing the street.

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Jennifer said...

I miss Nashville - Murfreesboro too!