Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Carroll Family Reunion - July 2007

As I was looking through old pictures, I came across our folder of the Carroll Family Reunion.

This past July we flew up to the North East to spend a week with The Carrolls in New Jersey. Not just my in-laws, but the entire exteded family -- grandparents, cousins, and all. It was such a treat to see all of them together, and to really feel like I was a part of their clan. The Carrolls are a fun, crazy bunch, and their New Jersey accents are so cute! They know how to have a good time together, and they have been so hospitiable towards me (despite the distance between us). Here are some pictures from our trip. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of our group outing to the casinos in Atlantic City, but don't worry...I'm sure you can visualize the look on my face after I lost all my money. It wasn't pretty.

Before my first trip to South Jersey (in 2005), I had no idea what to expect from the landscape or weather. Turns out, it's rather sleepy and quaint in South Jersey. There are quiet little beach towns all along the shore, and the weather is extremely hot! (Much warmer than I ever imagined.) The Atlantic Coast isn't the type of beach I grew up with, meaning there are no palm trees and no white sand. The water was also a lot cooler than what I expected, but it's still the beach afterall.

Droves of tourists come down from Philly to spend their vacations on "The Shore." To the locals, these vacationers are known as "Shoobies." And to the Carroll Family, Shoobies are the worst. They crowd up the streets and they don't know how to drive. According to my in-laws, the Shoobies act like they own the town. (I might act like I own the town if I paid an arm and a leg to stay there...) Anyhow, back in the Victorian days, when South Jersey was first becoming a popular vacation spot, these out-of-towners would take the train down to The Shore on the weekend, and they'd bring their lunch in shoe boxes. Thusly, the name Shoobies was given to them.

South Jersey is also a hot vacationing spot for Canadians, and it's pretty common to hear several French conversations going on around you. Not being a big fan of the French accent, this causes me to stare. It's like watching a silly cartoon -- I don't really enjoy it, but I'm still drawn to it for some strange reason. I am terrible at spotting the Canadians if they aren't talking, but The Carrolls can point them out from a mile away. They must be able to smell them or something.

Anyhow, I really enjoy my time in South Jersey...probably because it feels a lot like home.

Sean and I at The Lobster House

The Carrolls enjoying local wine at the Cape May Vinyards

Alissa and Dave gettin' their sip on

Our second tasting of the day - Turdo Vinyards

Emily and PopPop

All of us together

Mom Mom whoops everyone at Skittles

Mom Mom and Pop Pop with all the Grandkids - Kirsten, Tory, Sean, Emily, and Alissa

Sean, Emily, and their dad Tom enjoying Kohr's Brothers ice cream on the Boardwalk

Sean and me at the Phillies game

Who wants a cheese steak? WE DO!!!

Chowing down on Pat's Cheese Steak before we flew out - yummo!

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