Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party-ness

Sean and me in our costumes

The full Rainbow Brite getup complete with her horse, Starlite

Sunday, 2:45 p.m: I've only been awake for a few hours. Man alive, I gave myself a big scare in the mirror this morning! Makeup was smeared everywhere, stale breath, dirty hair...I looked just like an old fashioned hooker. This can only mean one thing: It must have been a good party! We have a lot of beer left over, so y'all come on down and help us kill it before we have to return the keg.

Many many thanks to my very best friends who helped coordinate the whole thing. And thanks to everyone who came out for a night of silly fun. I hope everyone enjoyed it. The costumes were fabulous! Every single person in attendance was wearing a costume, and each one was impressive.

Some highlights from the evening include: Dancing to Soulja Boy, getting a visit from a creepy opossum (no, seriously - it was a REAL opossum - not a costume!), Keith's "Wendy's Man" braids bobbling on his head whenever he yelled, and Sean accidentally stabbing Story with the fire poker...even though I'm pretty sure she deserved it.

***Special Addition*** My favorite recipe from the party was Nikki's homemade cheese ball. Y'all must make this - it's delicious! Nikki says it's really easy to make, too. Just mix up some dried beef (you know those little beef things that come in a jar?), some scallions, pimentos, green and black olives, cream cheese and garlic salt. Probably mix the dry ingredients in a food processor to get them all chopped up real good. Meanwhile, let your cream cheese be softening. Once the cheese is good and ready, start folding in all the copped up bits of stuff and form it into a ball.

Paul and Sarah as Dwight and Angela from "The Office"

Story and Richard as Judy and Elroy Jetson

Some girls I don't know dressed as a Lego and bottle of Cherry Coke - she made the whole Coke bottle herself!

Chad and Sherri as Lil John and a geisha

Our decorations

Jolene, Crystal, Kate and me doing the Soulja Boy dance

Crystal and Bobby as Strawberry Shortcake and The Geico Caveman

Keith as The Wendy's Guy

Me as Rainbow Brite...bein' all sassy!

Sean and Me - he makes a cute doctor!

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Amanda said...

It looks like you had such a fun party! I love the Rainbow Bright costume- you look really really good, have you been losing more weight since I've been gone? I'm jealous! And how exciting that everyone dressed up and your decorations were super cute:)